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The Gender Games

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This is all the time we have left to learn. We must be urgrent.

The last day of schoolJune 8th, 2013
The big day is here.

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The first competition tests the mental capabilities of the two groups. Each group will be tasked with making sure that each person completes all of their morning work. The group with the highest completion percentage will win the Gender Games.


  1. luvtobiaseaton says:

    Hi 6th grade!! This is so awesome! It will definitely prepare you guys for 7th grade where u have to complete 2 morning works in one week. I am also a HUGE hunger games fan so this would be the ultimate reward. Go girls!!!!Happy Gender games everyone!!!

    P.S :Mr.Mogg its may the odds be ever in your favor get your facts straight 🙂

  2. Adira Alexander says:

    The south seceded from the Union because

  3. Izarriah Monroe- Buffaloe says:

    The South left the union because no one in the south didn’t voted for Abraham Lincoln. No one voted Abarham Lincoln because he was anti-slavery and they didn’t like that. The second reason is that the north wanted to force the south to pay there tariffs. A tariff is bascially tax. The north wanted the south to not to get goods from Europe and get goods from them. The north wanted the south to get goods from them because they were industial. The main issue is slavery because the south wanted the slaves to stay in the south. The south left the union because of the slavery. The south wanted slavery to but the north wanted the south to more tariffs. So the south said ” peace” and made there own union.

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