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History HW 12/04/12 – Test Corrections

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This is all the time we have left to learn. We must be urgrent.

The last day of schoolJune 8th, 2013
The big day is here.

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Complete Unit Test corrections, if needed. If you made below a 70% you MUST do corrections.

Reminder: Bring money for the book fair tommorow.


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  1. There are 3 main reasons the Southern states decided to leave the Union.The first reason was because Lincoln was
    elected president.The South was mad because hardly no one in the south voted for him. The second reason the South
    seceded from the Union was because they were going to start buying goods from Europe because they cost least.The
    North didn’t won’t that so the North put a Large tax (tariff) on the goods that the south got. The South got tired of it so
    they stopped buying goods from Europe. The third and Final one is the most important one to me.The South feared
    Lincoln was going to abolish slavery. They got tired of the government showing the North favoritism.So they decided to
    drop out of the union.

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