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Homework 12/05/12 – Secession Of Southern States

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Secession of southern states

Write 12 complete sentences describing why the Southern States left the union.



  1. The south decided to leave the union because they didn’t want the north to
    abolish slavery. The federal government was going against some of the main interests of the south. The things they went against was freeing the slaves off the southern plantations. So the south had the right to seek independence from the union.The American Civil War Begin when several Southern states dropped out the union.South Carolina was the first state to secede. Then ten more states secede from the Union. they worked together to form The Confederate States of America. the president did not try to stop the south from seceding. What the south was doing was illegal but the president argued but didn’t do anything. The federal government did not have the power to stop them.That’s what I researched in class about the the south.

  2. Vondra Patrick says:

    During the presidential election of 1860, Southern leaders told the South to secede from the Union if Lincoln were to win the election because they believed Lincoln was an abolitionist. Abolitionists were people who worked to get rid of slavery. The South was afraid that Lincoln would outlaw slavery while in office. This would have created a problem for the South since its way of life depended on slaves. It would have prevented the South from thriving. Southern farmers would be forced to pay their former slaves in return for working on the farms. Plantation owners would make less money since most of the people working on the plantations would have to be paid. In other words, the main reason the Southern states seceded from the Union was to escape what they felt was a threat to their right to own slaves.

  3. Naja Boone says:

    I’m to tell you why the South seceded from the union.The main reason was Abraham Lincoln.The South didn’t want a president that supported high protective tariffs.Abraham Lincoln supported high protective tariffs.A tariff means to put a tax on imported goods.Abraham Lincoln put high taxes on imported goods.The South didn’t like that so they seceded from the union.Secede means to remove from.11 states seceded from the union.They are South Carolina,Mississippi,Florida,Alabama,Georgia,Louisiana,Texas,Virginia,Arkansas,North Carolina,and Tennesse.South Carolina was the only state that seceded in 1860.The rest seceded from the union in 1861.

  4. yobani marin says:

    Okay the south seceded union because. Of Abraham Lincoln really .Abraham Lincoln was a supporter of the protective tariff. A tariff is an tax put on important goods. The south i think thought that Abraham Lincoln was an abolitionist.. An abolitionist is an person who goes against slavery and try’s to put an stop to it. But he him self owned slaves. okay the south also succeeded because they called first what i mean about that is that is that they called the conversion first . By that is they put the conversation
    in first . After the southern attack on Fort Sumter, a union installation in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, in April 1861, another four states in the south seceded . After being rebuffed by Pres. Andrew Jackson for a lower non-protectionist tariff, South Carolina declared, in Nov. 1832, that the tariffs of 1824 and 1828 were unconstitutional and that South Carolina would no longer enforce the tariffs. And that’s how the seceded in the union . * _*

  5. Deshaun Ballard says:

    In the 1860-1861 11 states seceded from the union. South Carolina was the first to seceded from the union. Seceded means to leave or remove from something. The main reason the south seceded was because Abraham Lincoln was going to be the president of the United States. Abraham Lincoln was a president who supported the protective tariff. The protective tariff is a tax that is put on goods outside of america. The south did not want to support a president who supported the protective tariff. They also left because Abraham Lincoln thought about abolishing slavery. The south used slaves and plantation to make money. Not only to make money but to live. In 1860 South Carolina seceded from the union. Later in 1861 Texas, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and North Carolina.

  6. Marcus says:

    In 1860 election of Abe and ?.South carolina seceded first.While Lincon was president
    7 states seceded from the union.In result the confedrate was born.The seceded states did not vote for Lincon.Two senators in south carolina resigned.
    The confederate created a staff and government with a new president.The president was Jefferson Davis.The 36 30 line was exstended.The same rules
    oplid.The republicans did not sopport this.This dicion did not last long.

  7. Aaliyah .M. Mason says:

    These are the three reasons why the south left the union.1st the south left the union because many of the people from the north voted for Presidant Licoln in 1860.This really angried the south because non of them voted for him.

  8. brittany green says:

    I am going to tell you why the south left the union. They left because they didn’t want the north to abolish slavery.Another reason is that they didn’t want Abraham Lincoln to be the president. They didn’t want him to be president because they thought he was going to abolish slavery. Also because they didn’t vote for him. Also because of the tariff.This means that they charged them extra.

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