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Homework 12/12 – Election Of 1860

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Write (12) complete sentences describing why the Election of 1860 was so important. Make sure that your sentences are thoughtful and descriptive.



  1. Nazir Ponton says:

    The Election of 1860 was so important the nation and its political parties was divided far more than they are today.Stephen Douglass represented one wing of the Democratie Part,advocating popular sovereighnty.John C. Breckiridge was chosen by the other , advocating theenslaves people was a right.The election was intense in the entre country, including Missouri.The disagreements were mainly about slavery am\nd its expansion into the territories.The Demcoratie party chose two candidates.John bell ,arguing against the formation of sectional parties and disunion over the slavery union.Abraham Lincoln , who opposed slavery’s expansion into the territories.The winner in the Missouri was Stephen Douglas.Robert Rombauer recounts in his book The Union Cause in St.Louis.They all had went to court to tell the support and why they did.Abraham Lincoln support that you should leave slavery alone and let it become free spread it around let them all be free.

  2. The southern secession was when the south left the union. The election during the southern secession was important because there was different parties and the north had a larger population.There were four different parties for four different presidents.The parties were The Northern wing of the democratic party, The southern democrats, The union party, and Republican party. The presidents nominated were Stephen Douglas, John.C.Breckinridge, John Bell, and Abraham Lincoln. The northern wing of the democratic party nominated Stephen Douglas and he supported Popular sovereignty. The Southern democrats nominated John.C.Breckinridge and he supported the Dredd Scott decision. The union party nominated John Bell who took no position in slavery. The republican party and he believed that slavery should not spread to the territories but it should stay were it was.The winner of the election was Abraham Lincoln. He won narrowly just from northerners votes he rarely got any votes from the south.The north had a larger population so they out voted the south.Then the south feared that Lincoln would in slavery. That is why it is so important.

  3. yobani marin says:

    The Election of 1860 was so important the nation and its political parts .It was divided by 4 men .The first group was the north wing of the democratic Party nominated Stephen Douglas,he supported popular sovereignty . The south democratic party nominated John C . Breckenridge of Kentucky , they supported the Dred Scott decision .The union party nominated John Bell , who tool no position on slavery. The Republican Party they nominated Abraham Lincoln , and he supported no slavery in the west .The republican Party main issue was the abolition of slavery. Or slavery, or at least the prevention of its spread West lands. With the democratic Party was split between Douglas and Breckenridge, Lincoln narrowly won the election. And to end but he won primarily with northern votes. and thats my story on Election of 1860 was so important.

  4. The 1860 election was important because the south did not want slavery to end. North democrats were supporting Stephan Douglas who supported popular sovereignty. The next party is the south democrats were supporting John C. Breckinridge who supports Dred Scott’s Decision.The next one is the union party who supported John Bell who didn’t have a position.The next party is the republican party who supported Abe Lincoln who supported slavery being left alone.But slavery was not to spread west. Abe won the election.Thats when the south was afraid that slavery was going to end slavery.40% of popular votes went to Lincoln. The north had more people to vote with. For some reason the south was ready to secede.Thats all for now.=)

  5. Naja Boone says:

    The election of 1860 was very important.Reason being is that led to the secession of Southern states.
    There were 4 parties. The first party was the Northern Whig of the Democratic Party.They nominated Stephen Douglass.He supported popular sovereignty.The second party was the Southern Democrats.They nominated John C.Breckinridge.He supported the Dred Scott decision.The third party was the Union Party.They nominated John Bell.He took no position in slavery.The fourth party was the Republican Party.They nominated Abraham Lincoln.He suported that slavery should be left alone where it existed,not allowing it to spread to the West.I hope you learned something.:D

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