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Homework 12/13 – North and South Advantages

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Write a letter to Mr.Campbell telling the advantages and disadvantages of the North and South. Your letter must be 12 complete sentences.



  1. Nazir Ponton says:

    Dear Mr.Campbell,
    the advantages and disadvantages of the north and south happen because the north almost had three times the population of the south.The had pinic basket leaving around for the south when they pick them up the could start taking them like the war.The had more stuff and goods then the south s they could ambush them.The south had one goods that had more than the north it was the cotton production.The south had more cotton because the south have slaves and the slaves help them to pick up all the cotton in the field.The had more than the south because the north have more farming,factories.The northern had more army so they could of token the south away and won the war.The south had tried to get the north to come over there so they can get a war with them.The war had started on the south land.The advantages and disadvantages that may have won or cost them the war. The north and south had started to the war so they can make peace.That’s how the advntages and disadvantages of the north and the south.

  2. Dear Mr.Campbell,
    The South and the North had different advantages and disadvantages. The north has way more advantages than the south.
    The biggest advantage the north had was their population.The north had over two times more of the population of the south. The south only had 1 or 2 advantages on the north.The south had a lot of advantages on the north.The south marched to the north to fight a war. The The south lost the war men were wounded. Soon the north realized that they were not just going to when the war that easy. Then the Civil War came it was the first war were not just the armies could fight but humans and natural resources were involved in the war.Then the North and South went to total war. That is what I know about the advantages and disadvantages of the north and south.

  3. Trinitee Lockhart says:

    Dear Mr.Campbell
    The North and the South had advantanges and disadvantages.The war won’t last sixty days,of tha Jim Tinkham was confident.He(Jim Tinkham) quit his job as a grocery store clerk and enlisted for three months in Massachusetts regiment.Tinkham got really excited when in mid-July the army was finally ordered to march toward the Confederates army located at Manassas Junction 25 miles away.Thinkham passed carriages carrying members of the Congress and other enthusiastic sightseers their picnic baskets filled with food and drink.They had to come and wittness the war that would crush the Southern rebellion.The timley arrival of fresh Confederate troops however enabled the Southern troops to regroup.The Union troops gave way slowly at frist but once the Confederate Army had broken through McDowell ordered a Union army to retreat and the soldiers were frightened stampeding mob.The rout at Bull Run made the North realize that it was not going to be an easy fight.Gone was the dream that 75,000 volunteers serving three months could crush the rebellion.Quite simply the Civil War was the frist total war in history a war fought not just my armies but by using each(Norht and South’s human and economic resources.This is all I know about the advantages and disadvanteges of the North and the South.

  4. Dear Mr. Campbell,

    Some advantages to the north are men and population.Some disadvantages are crops and cotton production.Robbert E. Lee was the best general in the nation at that time.The south got him because of Virgina.The advantages of the north are the disadvantages of the south.
    North(advantages)are having farmers and workers.More are the railroads.Had a better navy.
    South advantages are having strong reason for fighting.Great skills.Had the best officers.More farmland.


  5. Naja Boone says:

    Dear Mr.Campbell,

    The North and the South had some advantages and disadvantages during the Civil War.The Union had the advantage over the South by having a greater total population.The North had the advantage of having the greatest white male population.The Union has the greatest amount of bank deposits.The Union has the advantage in value of manufactured goods.The railroad mileage favored the North.Value of textiles produced is an advantage to the North.The value of fierarms produced is an advantage to the Union.The cotton production was an advantage to the South.The South had the advantage in cotton production.The North had an advantage in the amount of factories.The North’s advantages are the South’s disadvantages.The South’s advantages are the North’s disadvantages.Hope you learned some more information.=)

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