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Homework 12/17 – Deaths During The Civil War

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Write a letter explaining why the death toll was so high during the civil war. Your letter needs to be 15 sentences.This letter does not need to be to a specific person. Be sure to make your sentences complete and concise.



  1. Nazir Ponton says:

    The death toll was so high during the civil war because the north and south had a lot of war.The civil war was a real that was tough.The civil war had a lot of war bewteen a lot of states.The civil war is a war that is a war that is a big war.Country’s have a lot of war a big that’s why they call it the civil war.Some war are a long war.The civil war have a two state that have a bigger war a bigger war.The war had started in the 17’s and the 18’s.The civil war had a lot of war everywhere.The south and the north had a lot of civil war.Civil wars have a diffcult time to stop and see who wins.The north and the south really didn’t have a like a civil war.The war and the civil war is a different thing.That’s why the the toll the death of the civil war.

  2. Mackenzie Moody says:

    Dear Mr.mogg,
    The death toll for the civil war was so high for a few reasons.The first reason was for the weapons.They had new weapons.They also had new bullets for there muskets.They were called mini balls.They were extremely dangerous!If you got hit with one it would would go right through your skin and inside your body.First it would break your bone.The bullet was so soft it would bounce and tear through your organs.The other reason the death toll was so high was because the way they would battle each other.Basically it was about there war tactics.They had really old war tactics.They all had the same guns.They would battle by running strait at each other with their guns.Thats why the civil war had such a high mortality toll

  3. Katara Belfield says:

    Dear Mr.mogg,
    The death toll for the civial war was so high for a lot of reasons. The first reason was the weapons. They had a weapon that had came from France.
    This was named the minie ball. The bullet could hurt a person badly! This bullet could break your bones. The bullet can go through your body and make you blead to death. Another reason is they had new guns. They had to stand in the way for war. They had to be quick so they could win. They would run towards people tring to kill them. They had the same guns. This was like a death moment. They had family aganist family. This was a horrile time

  4. Nadia R. Pendergrass says:

    Dear Ma,
    There was high mortality during the Civil war. Many people died in this war. Mostly because they weren’t prepared. Or up against the war. Nearly 6 million people died. During this war. The north went to the south. I personal I think that, that was a bad idea. The south knew the hide out better than the north. So really the north was up to lose. The south had the north in the palm of there hands. The Civil War was just a modern war. A musket ball could kill over 600 yards away. It would be 8 yards away. A direct hit of the musket ball would be death.

  5. Vondra Patrick says:

    Dear Mr.Mogg,
    There was a high mortality during the civil war because alot of people were dieing. They were dieing because this bullet called a mini bullet it was dangerous. It was dangerous because it was curvy and it could reload up to 8 times faster. This weapon could shoot 600 yards away.The north was going to the south’s battle field so the south would have the greater advantage because they know all the places to go and they know all the hide-outs. The little bullet went through the mans bone cracked it and went through some tissue.

  6. Dear Zaniyah,
    The death toll was high during the civil war because of the mini ball. The mini ball was a new bullet for the musket during the civil war.It could go 600 yards and could be loaded 8 times faster than gun powder. A direct hit would lead to a instant death. When it hit you it would break your bone. Then it would go though your body and tear organs. This new bullet was also more accurate with the spin you didn’t know where it would go. Only the shooter new where it would go . This new bullet was more dangerous period! The other reason is because it of there war tactics. They where old. they would basically stand make eye contact then run at each other. Then it was left to who could reload faster. They had the same guns . This made the mortality during the war very high.

  7. Dear Grandma,
    There was a high death rate during the Civil War for a couple of reasons. The most important reason was because of the minie ball. The bullets are a deadly combination. There range and the accuracy makes it
    dangerous. The Civil War was the first modern war. It was the first one to take place after the industrial revolution. If the bullet was to hit someone it would lead to that persons death. The minie could range to 600 yards. The south was going to leave the union but the north went to war with them. If the bullet hit something and the person did not die the person would loss something(ex.arm,leg). The inside of the musket made the bullet spin so that it came out with full power. The South would fight the north on their battle ground were they had all authority of their land. The south came heading for the north but the scout ran back and told the north the south was coming. The war was a very deadly war. That is what I know about the death rate of the civil war.

  8. Naja Boone says:

    Dear Grandma,

    I want to tell you about the high mortality rate during the Civil War.Mortality means death or to die.There were so many people dying.People were dying from minie ball bullets mostly.They are really accurate and they have a real good range.They were also faster to reload.The range of the minie ball is over 600 yards and it can reload up to 8 times faster.Lincoln had a hidden weapon during the war.That hidden weapon was a railroad.There were other reasons why people were dying but tne minie ball was what we learned about today.Another reason why people were dying were because of poisoning.The two sides were starting to have new weapons.The outdated battle tactics leaves a body count on an industrial scale.You could die on impact from a minie ball.This is why there was such a high mortality rate during the Civil War.

  9. Marcus says:

    Dear Mr.Mogg,

    The reason why there was a high death toll was because of a new firearms.It was a minnie ball.The minnie ball was a bullet.The minnie ball was spining bullet.I for got about the railroad.
    The minnie ball was able to perse bone.It was said that the ball was not a ball. The minnie ball was like a bullet we us today. It was a speacil to the army. The minnie ball is the best one.
    This artilary can go 600 yards. It had the best acruacy. The ball was a killer. On some acasions making you wounded.It also causes death.


  10. Jessica Tuck says:

    There was once a bloody and tragic war.This war included guns.since the north had more factories they were faster at making guns.The north had many advantages.This letter is about why there was a great death toll in the cival war.This is mostly because of the mini ball.The mini ball was about an inch thick.Although this bullet was small this bullet could go 600 yards.Unlike other bullets this bullet went through the body.This bullet could do severe damage even death.if aimed correctly this could cause death.If not aimed correctly this bullet could do some wounds.This is only the starting of the civalwar Sincerly, Jessica

  11. yobani marin says:

    The death toll was so high during the civil war because.For the north had good weapons and men and just a lot of things. So i thought the north will win the fight right away.But the south put up a good fight .The north had really good bullets. So good that they can split through a person bones and kill them.So the south was in for a big suppress for the south.
    But the south had back ground knowledge about where there fighting.So you cant say the south didn’t have any thing because they did.What they had is enough to put up a good fight.A direct hit of the musket ball would be death.Civil wars have a difficult time to stop and see who wins.I really thought this was the longest war in time.The amount of blood these people wasted for there rights is crazy.The south wasn’t that big in numbers and goods but they put up a good fight.And that’s why the death toll was so high during the civil war.

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