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Homework 12/19 – Civil War Technologies

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Civil War Medics - ImageWhat new technologies were used in the Civil War? How did they help each side? Besides mini balls, what were other reasons for the high mortality rates? Be sure to make your answers high quality and thoughtful.


  1. In the civil war the mortallity rate was really high.There where two armies the confederate(south)and the union army(north).The north or union army had the least disadvantages.Then the south or confederate army had the least advantages.One thing was the confederate army had very high advantages. the union army discoverd two more advantages during the civil war. One was that they had many more railrouds so up to 600 trops could be transported the 30 miles to the battlefield.Ohe other one was that they used new techonolegy which was the telagraph which lincoln used right across the street from the whitehouse.These two advantages helped the north win the war. these help each side. If the south got a hold of the telagraph they could talk to people on the front line also.There was also a new death raising thing in the war. The mini ball created. It made it more deadly. So if u where shoot in the arm,leg,head or any where for that matter it would amputated. This was so high becuase there where no xrays during this time.So if a mini ball hit you and they didnt find the bullet you would get “gang green” a poisen from the bullt. Also then they would have to cut your arm off.


  2. Nazir Ponton says:

    The new technologies were used in the civil waris telegraph.The telegraph is the thing that Abaham Lincoln useit so he can connect to the north.The telegraph was something that you have to tape to talk.They help each side by the north and the south are using the telegraph so they can talk to each other.The reasons for the high mortality is that Abaham Lincoln had sent notes to people so the north know what the need to in the war.The north and the south had a civil war in the middle of no where.They lef the dead bodies so they can finish there.They pick the up the bodies so they can burry them.The americans people died in the civil war a lot.The south had slaves so they do they can do stuff for them.The north had heard about the south that have slaves.The slaves cook,pick up cotton,do stuff for their master.The south do not vote for Abraham Lincoln.The north wanted to free all the slaves.That’s how this stuff all happen.

  3. When Lincoln got elected President Lincoln got a main source. The Civil War had one main source which was technology. The railroad was one of those sources. The railroad was one of President Lincoln secret weapons in the war. The railroad shipped soldiers to war. The railroad also shipped food and other supplies for the Union army. Lincoln puts the railroad under Government control to speed up the supply deployment. If you were going to war by car it would take 2 months but by train it took 7 days. One more technology is the telegraph.The telegraph was America’s first mass communication tool. On a telegraph you could seen messages in only seconds. This way Lincoln could communicate with soldiers at the battlefield. The North had this for their self the south did not have these things.The technology was a lot of help to the Union. That is what I know about this so far.

  4. Nadia R. Pendergrass says:

    The new technologies were invented by Presdiant Lincoln. The technology was only to be used in the North. But evently it spreaded to the South. Which it wasn’t suppose to happen.There technology was different from our technology today. For an example is twitter and facebook.This is one reason how the South found out the war was begginning.The south didn’t want Lincioln in office. They knew that he want all slaves to be set free. The north was Lincoln in office. They knew that he was going to set slaves free. That’s what the north want to happen. The technology helped the south to be sneaky. The technology helped the north by trying to set all slaves free. That’s all I know so far.

  5. Jessica Tuck says:

    This is about technoligies. This new technoligy was a telegraph. The telegraph was created by lincoln.It was made for the north.It was used alot in the north.One by one the poles were spread in the north.Soon the south catched onto it.The south did not want the lincoln to win anyway.This telegraph was not like our technoligy today.Since the south was outnumbered lincoln won.The south felt overpowered.They also thought lincoln would stop slavery.

  6. yobani marin says:

    The other knew technology the north has is the telegram.The north used the telegram to send messages. Lincoln’s used the telegram to move troops.The telegram spread all around the north.Like twitter and Facebook it only took a few seconds to send a message. Telegram was the first tool mass communication.Lincoln also used the telegram to communicate with his commanders on the front line. The south did not use the telegram.Lincoln also had a weapon that the south did not have. Or know about a railroad.The railroad transported good as in men,guns and bullets.The kept the railroad under government control to speed up troop and supp;y deployment.The bullet also has been up dated by the way its shaped .To kill some one by breaking there bones and then take there limes off.The Sergent had to some times cut of peoples arms and legs.So that.The people want die of the infections that the led bullet can bring .Twice as many solders died from the led bullets.

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