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Study Guide Unit III/ Questions

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The last day of schoolJune 8th, 2013
The big day is here.

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Happy Sunday Students,

Sorry about the tardiness of this post. I did not have access to internet for the past few days. Any questions you have about the Study guide may be asked here. Students, do not be afraid to answer a a teammates question. Later tonight I will check back.

Have a great day,

Mr. Mogg


What does secession mean?

Reasons for Southern Secession.

Election of 1860

Abraham Lincoln’s victory

New Technologies

Transportation, communication, weapons

Army Life

Horrors and Conditions

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

North Vs. South (2)

Emancipation Proclamation

What did it do?

What did it not do?

Civil War Battles

(3) Battles  and why they are important.

The Appomattox Courthouse

Why is it important?

Civil War Leaders



 Label all the states in 1865







  1. Mackenzie Moody says:

    Mr.Mogg do we have to label all the states on a separate piece of paper or do you mean to just study the back of the study guide?

  2. Mr. Mogg says:

    Hey Mackenzie,

    You do not have to use the separate map. I gave that to you to help study. You should know all the states in 1865 and have them written down somewhere.

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