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Research Overview


Evaluation Form and Grading Rubric

Student Name:                                                                                   



Peer/Adult Evaluation

Instructor Evaluation

Title Page







Separate page includes title, school name, student name, instructor course, and due date

Body of Report

Introduction previews main points, includes thesis
Report sticks to main subject
Written mostly in author’s own words
Report is based on solid historical facts
Includes the human perspective (emotions & feelings)
Report is arranged in logical/sequential order
Min. of 1 appropriate, quality visual is used, identified
Conclusion summarizes and reinforces theme
Includes author’s own ideas &judgments (supported)
Terms and concepts are explained (what? why?)
Clear expression of ideas

Mechanics of Report

Length is minimum of 8 pages, maximum of 4 pages
Double spaced, typed, 12 point Times
Margins are 1″ to 1-1/4″, has proper page numbers
Correct paragraphing
Good sentences, no fragments or run-ons
Correct spelling (maximum 3 errors)
Correct grammar (maximum 3 errors)
Correct capitalization & punctuation (max. 3 errors)


At least five sources used for report
Primary source is used and appears in body of report
Citations used and properly identified in body
Correct Bibliography form at end of report


Signatures and Score (each “Yes” is worth 4 points)

Student Self-Evaluation                                                                                  Points                         

Peer/Adult Evaluation                                                                                                Points                         


Instructor Evaluation                                                                                      Points                          

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