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Unit III: The Civil War


  • Life in the South
    • Cotton Economy
      • Cotton Gin
    • Plantation Life
  • Life in the North
    • Industrial Society
      • Lowell System
    • Transportation Development
      • Steamboats
      • Railroad
    • Election of 1860
      • Emergence of Lincoln and the Republican Party
      • Secession of the Southern States
        • Jefferson Davis
      • Emancipation Proclamation
    • The War
      • What was North and South
      • Impact on the Homefront
      • Major Battles
        • Fort Sumter
        • Antietam
        • Gettysburg
          • Gettysburg Address
        • African Americans in the War
          • Proclamation of Amnesty
          • 54th Massachusetts
          • Movie Glory


  1. trinitee lockhart says:

    im most excited to learn about the election of 1860

  2. Sha'kiyah N. Rooks says:

    i am excited about learning about plantation life and the railroad !!

  3. zaria flythe says:

    i want to learn about the war the most !

  4. Zaniyah Garner says:

    This is a very real and fun way to learn!

  5. brittany green says:

    i am excited to leearn about mportant events that happened during the civil war

  6. Jaden Garner says:

    I am most exicited to learn about gettysburg.. And its a good way to learn

  7. Dy'mond L. Holder says:

    I really want to learn about the war! how they won and alot more!

  8. Lacey says:

    i can’t wait to to learn about abraham linocln

  9. Cheyann Gibbs says:

    i am most excited to learn about the major battles in the civil war

  10. keshawn haskins says:

    I would like to learn who served in the war

  11. geomarcus says:

    the war the most
    marcus pittard

  12. hunter says:

    i am excited to learn about the civil war

  13. Makiyah Phillips says:

    I am excited and I know I will love to learn about so many new things that we are about to learn this year such as Movie Glory, 54th Massachuetts and more others .

  14. ashley delao says:

    I am soo excited to learn more and more about what happened between the CIVIL WAR .

  15. civil war is cool. civil war was tragic. civil war is a fight.

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