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Civil War: Unexpected Causalities

Civil War: Unexpected Causalities

SWBAT: Explain why there was such a high mortality rate during the Civil War.

Directions: Fill in the blanks below. This is a quick paced worksheet; questions will be answered fast throughout the video.

  1. The Civil War was the first ____________ war because it took place after the ________________________.
  2. The improved _______________ and __________________ of the minie ball are a deadly combination.
  3. More often than not, the result of a direct hit is __________________.
  1. The troops still face each other_________________,in lines a cross the battlefield.
  2. The minie ball has a range over ___________ yards & can be reloaded up to_____ times faster.
  3. The alliance of new _________________ and outdated _______________ tactics leaves a body count on an industrial scale.
  4.  General Lee is already a veteran of the ______________________ and is highly regarded for his __________________ on the battlefield.
  5.  The ________________ is one of Lincoln’s hidden weapons in the war.
  6.  Lincoln puts the railroads under__________________control to speed up troop and supply deployment.
  7. The __________________ is America’s first tool of mass communication.
  8. Like Twitter today, the telegraph needs only___________________to send messages.
  9. Lincoln can now communicate with his commanders on the____________________, even sending them direct orders on how to fight the war.
  10. True or False: The South uses the telegraph system as well as the North.
  11. _________of all operations conducted by army surgeons are________________________.
  12. An experienced surgeon can cut off a limb in just _________ minutes.
  13. If a bullet doesn’t kill you, then _______________________ can.
  14. ______________as many soldiers die from infected wounds & diseases on the___________________.
  15. Looking after the _________________________ of soldiers becomes as essential to the _______________ as the supply of guns and ammunition.
  16. Large numbers of _________________ sign up as battlefield __________________.
  17. The sorting of the wounded puts the most seriously cases _____________________.
  18. Clara Barton goes on to found the American __________ Cross.
  19. With the discovery of bromine, nearly ______ of amputees survive surgery, & gangrene becomes _______ by the war’s end.
  20. The spread of portable ________________ means gory images of the battlefield can reach every ________.
  21. Never again will politicians be able to fight wars without _________________ support.
  22. Embalming keeps the body free from any signs of _________________________.
  23. True or False: The South was given an ultimatum by Lincoln to free their slaves.
  24. January 1, 1863 — The Emancipation Proclamation abolishes slavery in the _______________ Southern states.
  25. Thanks to the telegraph, news of the Emancipation Proclamation spreads ____________________.
  26. True or False: One general the African-Americans made better soldiers.
  27. The Emancipation Proclamation made the Union army a force for ___________________, now fighting to end __________________.
  28. The first national cemetery for soldiers was at ____________________.
  29. In 1864, the war remains ______________________.
  30. Sherman’s tactics of ____________________ have won out & helps secure the election of _____________.
  31. Within 6 months, General Lee has __________________; the rebellion is over.
  32. Within a week, ________________ lies dead from an assassin’s bullet.

Be prepared to discuss your thoughts on one of the following questions:

  1. How did the invention of the minie ball bullet shape the Civil War? What were some other important inventions that affected the course of the war?
  2. Who was Clara Barton, and why was she significant?
  3. How did the telegraph help the Union side achieve victory in the Civil War?
  4. When was the Emancipation Proclamation signed, and how did it shape the Civil War?

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